The Honeydove Journey

Honeydove has evolved to become a collection of beautifully curated, consciously-made clothing for women who understand that what you wear is an extension of your spirit, your soul, and your reflection in the physical world. 

Honeydove was first established as a vintage shop in 2018 and then transformed into a slow and conscious fashion label when founder, Charlotte, first became pregnant. While she loved selling vintage, once she became pregnant, she no longer had the energy to source vintage and antique goods, so she utilized her background in natural dying and created her first batch of silk scarves dyed with avocado pits. The beautiful earthy peach scarves, which became her signature color Shell, immediately sold out. From there, she continued to slowly evolve her offerings, and this became Honeydove’s foundational line of silk scarves and scrunchies. 

A few years later, several pieces of easy-to-wear, cozy clothes were added to her offerings. As a postpartum woman, with a fluctuating body, she wanted to create a line of clothes that were easy to wear, luxurious and also accommodating of her fluctuating shape. Working with her seamstress who became one of her eventual team members, she envisioned and created what would become her cult “puff top” made with the yummiest fabrics she could find—thick stonewashed linen and raw silk.. These were durable clothes made from natural fibers that were designed with fluctuating bodies in mind: they could move through the phases with Charlotte during postpartum, while nursing, through weight loss and gain, and future pregnancies. This line isn’t just for Mothers. It’s for all women who yearn to feel beautiful and comfortable in their clothing regardless of how their bodies ebb and flow. 

The Honeydove clothing line is Charlotte’s dream world and vision come-to-life. Inspired by luxury, beauty, and celebrating the diversity of feminine shapes, Honeydove was born.

Timeless, Well-made Essentials

Our style starts with exceptional fabrics that are tailored into wearable modern-day garments and are designed to fit all silhouettes. Classic styles like the wide leg pant, wrap dress, and mock neck are updated to become everyday pieces that carry a high vibrational energy.

With every addition to the line, a great deal of thought is put into creating clothing that can be worn frequently. We put a lot of intention into elevated basics so they can be integrated into your existing wardrobe and worn in heavy rotation. We love to think about the price per wear of our pieces: these are not one-hit-wonders but rather garments that can effortlessly be rotated into your closet.

Unlike bigger fashion lines, we are a small business that orders with extremely low minimums. That means each of our pieces is very special, but it also means we may run out of specific pieces. We like to keep our foot-print low, with virtually no waste. We utilize 100% of our scraps through repurposing cut-off fabric for other products and we also sell scrap bags to our customers for their own projects. In this way, we’re able to make conscious choices that the creator and consumer of the garment can feel supported by. Big fashion is often less expensive, but it may only last a single season before it finds its way out of your closet. Intentionally made clothing has a different way of enhancing your way of living. It carries a specific energy and vibration that makes you feel good when you wear them, and picking up one to two pieces per season is an economical way to build a lasting wardrobe.

Free Size Clothing

Our clothing is very free size and can span multiple sizes because of the way our pieces are designed and sewn. Using a soft elastic that allows for a 3-inch addition allows the clothing to size up and down, and people can typically wear more than one size in the line. Even if you typically wear a size small to medium, you can easily wear up to a size large in our clothing depending on your desired fit. Our garments typically run true to size unless otherwise noted. We recommend choosing the regular size you pull for or one size up. 

We also offer many one-size garments, like our fabulous Midsummer nightgown, that wear comfortably for all bodies (we’ve had customers who wear a size 0 and others who wear a 2XL—read the reviews!). It takes strategic work to make clothing that fluctuates with your body, but it’s worth it when you feel fantastic wearing it.

Natural Fibers, Made with Integrity

Every piece in the Honeydove line is made with love and care. We make a conscious choice to source the most luxurious fabrics available and tailor them into very wearable garments, and our standards are high. All of our clothes and products are ethically made in the United States in safe manufacturing environments, and we have personal relationships with all of our producers and suppliers. Creating a sustainable supply chain is our loftiest goal, and our pricing reflects this level of care. We pay a fair, living wage to every person along the supply chain that we engage with. 

In 2023 we added in global partners in both Europe and India due to their specializing in certain fibers such a stone washed Linen from Europe and Woven cottons from India. 

We utilize various kinds of silk in our line—raw silk, charmeuse silk, silk blend (hemp silk and self-velvet)—as well as beautiful American-made organic cottons, Indian woven cottons and European stone-washed linen. In 2022, we’re proud to add several fabrics to our line, including a thermal waffle cotton and a 100% climate-beneficial, American-made wool that’s grown, dyed, spun, and knit in the United States. We’re excited to work with the California Cotton & Climate Coalition (C4) as well. C4 has created a partnership of companies selling cotton goods to work pre-competitively to move towards farm-to-fabric, soil-to-skin production of Climate Beneficial(™) cotton. This cotton not only improves soil health, but it works towards rebuilding soil carbon stocks and reducing the use of synthetic inputs.

The Magic of Natural Dye

Most of our pieces are available in undyed fabric (either cream or white) as well as a selection of naturally dyed colors. Natural dye is like magic, where the alchemy of natural fiber and beautiful natural colors come together. We consciously avoid synthetic dyes that pollute the Earth and harm our health. Synthetic fibers and scents lack vibration, and you can feel how scarce the energy is as you wear the clothing. 

While we started dying with products like red cabbage, we don’t use those methods anymore. Today, Honeydove's natural dyes are all color-fast dyes that are long lasting and of the highest quality. We love bringing colors to life by overdying, creating a fusion of colors that turn into magical unique tones that are special to our line. We source our dyes exclusively from US based and female owned company, Botanical Colors. Just like any industry, natural dye can range in quality and we are proud to purchase our color from Botanical Colors who offers the absolute best sourcing of natural dyes. We use extracts, powdered dye and regular dye materials in full form like marigold flowers and madder roots. In 2022, we introduced a low-impact, nontoxic, synthetically dyed black based on customer demand. Dying black naturally is actually quite toxic, and we wanted to create a color-fast garment that could be worn regularly without fading. We found that through customer reviews and feedback, that the low impact dyes on our organic cotton is the right choice for our mock necks and gym shorts because of the nature of how these garments are worn more frequently and for movement based activities, requiring more frequent laundering.

Sustainable Style that Lasts

Clothing production can be a very unsustainable industry because of the resources used to produce garments, but we’re always working toward being a more responsible producer and consumer of goods. We focus on natural dyes to avoid polluting the Earth, ask our suppliers not to pack in plastic, utilize dead-stock and recycled fabric whenever possible to avoid adding to the landfill, and ship in compostable materials—whatever we can do to reduce our footprint. We want all parties (the Earth included) to benefit from what we’re doing.

These garments are designed to withstand the test of time, from the fabric itself to the garment’s pattern and the way it’s sewn. We’re proud to offer alteration and mending services for any garments that require a little attention for longevity. In 2022, we’re thrilled to launch an over-dyeing program to give your garments new life. Nothing lasts forever, though, so we use fabric that can be composted when the garment finally does reach the end of its lifecycle, reducing the burden on the landfill and helping us all become better stewards of the Earth.