Founder Note

About Charlotte 

Charlotte Dupont is the founder of Honeydove Vintage. Honeydove is an authentic expression of what she believes to be her dharma and gift to the world: creating beauty and sharing magic. 

Charlotte’s most important role is a Mother to her daughter Birdie. She was inspired to create a company that was mutually beneficial and supportive of her being the best mother she could be, and it has been foundational to have a slow and conscious business that supports her in her single mothering journey. She dreamed of creating a business that nourished her so that in turn she could nourish herself, her daughter and to give back to her community. Birdie inspires her every day to fine-tune her vision as best she can and to create a business that she can be proud of. 

From Charlotte: 

“Honeydove has been such an unbelievable blessing in my life and I’m thrilled to share my love and passion with you. In every aspect of this business, we strive to be better stewards of the Earth. I’m a true believer that we can’t always do everything better, but we can always pick a few things to improve and that’s where we can make the most impact. I understand that it’s hard to ask people to make big changes, but if enough people can make incrementally small changes in their life, we have the potential to make a major shift in this world on a collective level. Being a conscious company and striving to become more sustainable and regenerative in every effort is a small part we can play in the health and wellness of our planet. My hope is that our products bring you joy, peace and magic to your everyday life."