Stretchy Organic Cotton Cropped Bralette/Tank

Stretchy Organic Cotton Cropped Bralette/Tank

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Delicious and super soft organic cotton with a touch of spandex. A mix of a bralette and a tank top. More length than a typical bralette and you can 100% wear it on its own as a tank with our high rise sweats for example. The lighter colors may definitely show your nipples if this is of concern to you - similar to any white shirt. 

Super comfy, breathable, and delicious. 

They are supposed to fit tight to the body and be light-medium support. Fit is super true to size!!!! However** it is always best to go based off of measurements. REMEMBER THAT THESE ARE STRETCHY so don't stress to much about the bust size since it will stretch to fit you!! Go based off of true size you usually reach for. These tanks work better fitted vs. sizing up and being loose and will stretch out a tiny bit. Recommend measuring a bralette you have to find the best size for you!


PTP: 11.5"

Center Chest to Bottom Hem: 6.5"


PTP: 12"

Center Chest to Bottom Hem: 7"


PTP: 13"

Center Chest to Bottom Hem: 7.5"


PTP: 14"

Center Chest to Bottom Hem: 7.5"

please note: tanks are mislabeled size wise on this batch. order your regular size and go based off measurements. we will take care of the rest for you! remember these tanks will definitely stretch out. 

Customer Reviews

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So soft and supportive. I don’t know how this is possible, but this tank gives me better lift than any bralette I have ever tried (36D for reference). Will definitely grab some more colours before spring/summer to layer under everything!

Want to love!

I wish I loved this piece! I wonder if it needs thread with a bit of stretch for the stitching. The bralette of course has stretch, but I find that the seams rip when I move it in place which is disappointing for an expensive basic. The stitching itself too isn’t very durable or thorough so I can see exactly where each hem stitch has ripped. I love every other Honeydove item I own, but would not repurchase or recommend this specific item.

So comfy!

I love this bra top! Im typically a size 34A so I went with the small and it fits perfect :) I wear it alone or under sweaters and it’s just so easy! I will likely go back and buy more in the future so I can have a rotation.


Wow! This tank/bralette is perfection. It’s supportive, yet not restrictive. The fabric is beautiful & feels comfortable on my skin. I’m 5’1, petite, 33 inch bust. I purchased a size small in the dark brown & vanilla. I love them both so much. This tank feels like it was made just for me. Thank you! <3

Rosalie Whatley
love it!!

every honeydove piece i have ordered is flawless and this tank is no exception

it soo comfortable & feels the right amount of supportive without being confining. i feel i could easily wear it as a bra or on its own!

I got the vanilla and it works perfectly with my neutral palette :) love!