A Glossary of Fiber

Here at Honeydove we work and wear 100% natural fibers. Natural fibers are fibers made of plant or animal matter. Absolutely no synthetic fibers here. Why? Because synthetic fibers are not good for your skin or the planet. Natural fibers are actually PURE magic. They allow your body to breathe and animal fibers such as silk and wool have heat regulating properties. Natural fibers simply feel better and they truly are the better choice. I've been curating my whole life to be free of synthetic for many years. It won't happen over night, but starting to learn about natural fibers is a wonderful first step, so I thought I would go ahead and share a description of the fibers we use here at Honeydove.

Silk - animal fiber - made from silk worms and the strongest animal fiber. Amazing heat regulation properties; will keep you warm when cold and vice versa. 

We use many different types of silk here at Honeydove:

~ Charmeuse (smooth and buttery with very warm properties)

~ Habatoi (a lighter weight silk with gorgeous drape and is warm but not as warm as charmeuse) - has a matte finish vs. buttery

~ raw silk - similar in ways to linen or flannel; very warm and is 

Linen - cellulose fiber (plant-based) - woven from the flax plant. Linen is a beautiful fiber with a gorgeous drape. Wrinkles easily and is part of the look

Cotton - we all know - comes from the cotton plant and is also a cellulose fiber. It is light and airy

Wool - comes from the fur of sheep and other mammals. Beautifully regulates heat. Wool is best in the winter months. 

Above are simply the natural fibers we use here at Honeydove HQ. However, we may certainly expand our offerings of fabric and fiber as we move forward!